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Flyer for 2019 production of Cinderella


The Geordie Panto Co return for our third consecutive year at Gateshead International Stadium, this year with the ever popular story of Cinderella. Of course, our versio has our signature Geordie twist, meaning this is a tale of a simple lass from Dunston, who makes good with a well-to-do lad from "owa the watter" (Jesmond!). Of course there'll be laughs galore from Numpty Norman as loveable (but not very bright) Buttons and Company founder, director and writer, Maxie Peters, will be adding glamour and fashion *ahem* as one half of the Ugly Sisters. Naturally, we'll be delighting you during the show with our "world famous" 12 Days of Christmas. This is an all-live bumper pack of festive family fun which showcases the best of professional theatre talent from the region and celebrates Geordie culture in a totally inclusive sing-along show.



After a run of two decades at Newcastle’s historic Tyne Theatre, the company (formerly known as Newcastle Panto Ltd) moved over the water in 2017 to become Gateshead’s first professional pantomime in a collaboration with Gateshead Council, which involved the panto company designing and building a bespoke 700-seater indoor auditorium within the main facilities building at Gateshead Stadium.

The venue move has allowed the company to bring the Christmas theatre-going experience bang up to date for families, with a modern auditorium, extensive facilities and refreshments, and excellent transport links. The Stadium site boasts FREE onsite parking for hundreds of cars which is a big bonus for families negotiating the Christmas crowds.

We are proud to present a panto like no other delighting audiences from babies right up to our favourite customer, Mavis Atkins who is the amazing age of 111 (regulars will understand!!)


We are the home of #geordiepanto


This year Newcastle Panto00 present the enchanting story of Beauty and The Beast.
In a small French village, the beautiful and intelligent Belle ignores her suitor, the vain and boorish Gaston, as she cares for her father, eccentric inventor Maurice.
On his way to the fair, Maurice stumbles upon a foreboding castle in the woods, and is thrown into a dungeon by the castle’s occupant: a huge savage beast. Belle comes to rescue her ailing father, and offers to take his place as the Beast’s prisoner. Belle discovers that the castle’s house staff have been transformed into objects by the same magic spell that made their master a beast. In order to break the spell, the Beast must learn to love another and be loved in return.
As she remains in the castle, Belle and Beast find their apprehension replaced by affection; but Belle misses her father, and the Beast reluctantly allows her to leave.
Gaston, incensed at Belle’s affection for the Beast, leads a mob of townspeople to storm the castle. Belle rushes back in time to confess her love for the Beast, and the spell is broken.
The beast returns to his former self, a handsome young prince and he and Belle marry and live happily ever after.
Tickets now on sale!
Stalls and Grand Circle
Adults: £22.00
Concessions: £20.00
Upper Circle
Adults: £16.00
Concessions: £14.00